Goodbye, You Fool! 28th february 2005  |  posted by tomiboy at 2:56 am.

I apologize for the lack of Gisho updates, but I damn well made up for THAT with all the OTHER updates to the actual site. So HA!!! Anywho, for the last entry in February, I decided to do something special for the good people of America, so I bought everyone digital cameras!! Click here to get yours!

And with that, I shall say good day to you, and to February, this cursed month of snow, rain, and snow.

  27th february 2005

  26th february 2005

  25th february 2005

The System...Is Down.  Ths Doystem...Ie Sysown. 24th february 2005  |  posted by tomiboy at 2:56 am.

"The human brain starts working the moment you are born and never stops until you stand up to speak in public."
- George Jessel

Normally I am perty dang good when it comes to public speaking, ESPECIALLY in the morning because since I'm not yet fully awake, it results in a bit more relaxation and comedy. Today was not one of these days. I awoke COUNTING on my not being awake to make the speech go easier for me, and instead when I reached the front of the class, I forgot what my speech was ON. I won't go into details (partly because I dont remember them all, and partly because the parents might get upset), but I got a better grade on it than I thought I would for such a horrid performance. I will end this entry with a period.

  23rd february 2005

Tomi the Super-Human. (More Like Super-Slacker!) 22nd february 2005  |  posted by tomiboy at 2:56 am.

So I'm slowly transforming into a vampire, but without all the cool vampire attributes (i.e. fangs, long-life, bat-morph-capabilities). Basically I just stole their sleep schedule, which BITES (bahahaha!) because when I DO go back to work, I'm going to have to switch back to being human, and that's no fun.

....Well, that's what I thought of today. All day long. Then I napped from 3pm - 10pm and when I woke up, I thought about it some more, until now, 2:55am. I found it SO INTERESTING that I decided that the whole world should know, so I posted it. Yup.

  21st february 2005

I Want That In Outline Form, Dammit! 20th february 2005  |  posted by tomiboy at 2:13 am.

Oh, another day in the life of Tomiboy. Here- I'll lay it out for you.

1:30 pm --- The Prince of Boy awakes (shut up). Adoring the new set-up of my humble temple, I take my time walking to the computer (WITH a new monitor I might add- a sexy HP LCD 17" complete with English accent and laser gun). As I check my many morning newsletters, I recall my mother waking me earlier asking if I wanted breakfast, to which my internal reply being: "Aw hell yea!! Bring dat shi- ova here!!", and my external reply being: "Ughh...huh.....mmm....", thus resulting in an eyeball and a laugh from mum. Bah! Thankfully, the sister was also betrayed by this and rebelled by going to the only place that has breakfast food at 2:00 pm, Country Donuts. God loves Country Donuts. Thatís why we went there.

3:45 pm --- After scarfing, cleaning, and scarfing some more, I retreat back to the room to resume my quest of downloading every song ever made, EVER. As I chill with a donut on a plate next to me, the Postal Service, mah slippers, and Yoda in my head telling me I need a job, I hear my named being screamed from the kitchen. I am used to hearing this, as it occurs when I forget to do something I was supposed to do, or when mum just wants to give me a hug and buy me things (buuut it's mostly the first one). But unlike all the other times, the person screaming my name was the sister (Sister Mallory- show respect!). Not used to EVER hearing this, I half-scurry into the kitchen, where I walk into a murder scene. She is lying on the floor next to a pool of blood with a cup up to her face letting blood drip into it.


I quickly look to see where the HELL she was bleeding from (the nose), grab paper towels, shove them up her nose, ask her why the heck she was lying on the floor, tell her to tilt her head back a little, and call mom. She came home expecting something stupid: "huuuu..........guys, what is it? Tommy, couldn't this have waited un...til...--- what? WHAT? MALLORY!! WHAT THE HEE-HAW HAPPENED TO YOU?!?! AHH!!!!" Trying not to let loose a small giggle, I told Mal to go sit on the couch, to which mom made it more clear by telling her to go sit on the couch in a louder voice. Then I said if she doesnít hold the towels to her nose, she could pass out because there was a lot of blood loss, ALSO to which mom made very clear by saying it much louder. As mother grabbed an ice pack and a new roll of paper towels, I glanced at the front door, thinking how funny it would be if someone rang the doorbell and saw blood all over the kitchen floor with me standing in the middle of it all. Ahh......but no, no bells rang, and no magic cleaning lady appeared to clean it all up, so I got to work.

5:00 pm --- After all that crap, I completely forgot that I was supposed to be at dad's. So I took a shower (making it a point to shower before Mal, because I prefer to shower with soap and water, not soap and blood), annnd then I saw my precious computer and started downloading again. Being the bag-of-nerd I am, I lost track of time and before long...

6:00 pm --- <-- THAT hit, and I realized I was like 3 hours late for dad's. Eeek! I organized the mop on my head, put on my robes, packed my wand and map, and went to save Hogwarts yet again!!! watch movies at dad's house. All in all though, it was a good run, for a Sunday. And my advice to you is this:

Be sure to drink your ovaltine!

  19th february 2005

Some Light Redecorating...! 18th february 2005  |  posted by tomiboy at 2:55 am.

I woke up today (that's a big step for me). Furthermore, I did not eat, drink, go to the bathroom, nor leave my room until about 3 hours later, for the second I woke up I started re-organizing my room. Yesterday I was thinking that my desk might look better under my window, and that it might brighten my thoughts and/or lifestyle. Well so much for THAT shit! The WHOLE day I was trying to organize things at my desk's new position and the sun was peeking through my blinds and blinding me, making me drop things and hit my head on the side of the desk a few times. Inspiration mah ass! After a while I got so frustrated that I took a 2 hour break and waited for the sun to fall below the bottom of my window panes. In general, I think it was a good idea, but now I have to find a way to cover the small gaps between the blinds so I don't go blind or cause anymore brain damage. So...well, that's all I did today, really. I saw Constantine- it was a great one-timer, and maaaaybe deserves a rental when it comes out. Other than that, I'm taking up a few new hobbies to fill the massive amounts of time I have now, and I'll fill YOU in on those, tomorrow.

Luscious Foto Phriday! 17th february 2005  |  posted by tomiboy at 10:35 pm.

Country Donuts has been THE hang-out lately, due to the somewhat limited funds of the mighty trio of Allanman, Shaney-cakes, and Mwah. Though not the most advertised donut shop (the best one's never are), it's a pretty popular hang out for Schaumburgites in the wee hours of the morning- the last time I was there (when I took this photo), I saw my history teacher from high school. I have a knack of meeting this man in any 24-hour dine-in restaurant, for this is the third case I've seen him past 2 am at such a place. Some colleagues from school and I went there every night for about a week straight and wrecked havoc (I always left a tip when they werenít looking- I felt bad). All in all, it's just an old-fashioned-looking coffee house, and it makes me feel right at home. (Well, except that it is always cold inside.)

A Stolen Idea? Close, But No. 16th february 2005  |  posted by tomiboy at 8:59 pm.

Oddness! A while back, I had this grand idea. I was going to make an entirely new sub-domain off it because it was so cool! My idea was to buy a book, write down my new site on the inside, and send it somewhere. Anywhere. I was hoping that people would find this book somewhere, and then send me an email telling me where and how they found it and what it went through to get to them. Then I would post all that on my site and see how far in the world it could get. Yeah, this idea isnít the first of its kind, but it would be quite nice to host such an event. In mid-brainstorming / web designing, I received an email from Penelope Illustration about HER new project. I think it's much better- she's MAKING a book with blank pages, then sending it to people who signed up for it so that they can draw a small cartoon of some sort. Unfortunately, I didn't get the email in time to make it on the list, but I still might do that book thing.

It's odd not being employed anymore. I have all this time to myself and I don't quite know what to do with it. I've thought about getting another job (I'm going to have to eventually), and for such a sudden halt with my now ex-job, one would think that finding a new one would be at the top of my list. It really is at the bottom of it right now though- I have time to update the site, work on my art, and just think about things in general. In fact, I would dare go as far as saying that this is the best thing that's happened to me so far this year! I love my babies at Starbucks, and I will always know you guys and we shall together get drun- ahm...together. Get together. And have food. But in a way now, I am free! I get to go to the city more often now, go out photographing random things in random places, and I think I'm gonna drive to Florida sometime soon and visit my grandma, now that I have the time. So my advice to people who have jobs ( all of you) is to try and take a week off. A full week. Monday to Monday- see what things you think of and crazy ways to fill up your schedule!

  15th february 2005

Love Is... 14th february 2005  |  posted by tomiboy at 2:24 pm.

"Love is when you tell a boy you like his shirt, then he wears it everyday."
- A Girl Named Noelle

Happy Valentines Day!

  13th february 2005

Roosters Shmoosters. 12th february 2005  |  posted by tomiboy at 3:24 pm.

Roosters? C'mon. I didn't like this week's, so I made myself angry. May the whole world visit this page and store in the back of your minds the thought that somewhere out there, a kid named Tomiboy does not like drawing roosters.

Death Car for Cuti- Ahm...Tomi. 11th february 2005  |  posted by tomiboy at 3:12 am.

To get one thing straight, a day in Gisho is until I go to bed for the next day. Thus, the 3:12am is TECHNICALLY part of February 12th, but it all happened before I went to bed. So basically, from one waking until one sleeping, is a Gisho day. So no emails about it. Just so we're clear!

Depletion #4- 11:15pm, Golf Road. I knew I was running low and that I needed to get more right away. Unfortunately, so did God, and he gets a good laugh out of my misfortunes (thankfully, so do I). And so, with a snap of his mighty fingers, the light in front of me turned red and stayed red while four oh-so-separated fire trucks moseyed on by over the course of eight minutes. Remember the indian guy at the beginning of Office Space? That was me. For eight minutes. I gave up hope before the light even turned green. I got about another mile out of my car, then she ran dry. Oh damn you cruel world.

I am meeting my friend at Streets of Woodfield. I died in "a-hellova-long-walk" land, and my phone died while I was at work (soon, everything will die. Die die die). What WAS a boy to do? Well, to state the obvious, I needed to survive. So I had to push my car about a fourth of a mile down the road into a right-hand turn lane. I conveniently forgot to pack my water-flask and compass, so I just headed to the nearest building to see if I could use a phone. The only buildings in the area were office buildings, and it WAS about 11:45 at this point, so the chances of human life within were as slim as Lloyd ever hooking up with Mary. But hey! I had nothing better to do! And so he went. I mean I went. And so I went. During the walky through the grass, a group of deer materialized from thin air about fifteen feet in front of me and started to run to the nearest thicket. Talk about FREAKING OUT! I'll be the talk of the woods to them. "Hey guys, I almost hit a human. He was just standing there! Kind of like we do in headlights to piss people off..." Anywho, my heart rate reached par-level by the time I got to the building. There were about ten parked cars though, so I knew there was life SOMEWHERE in there. I walked around to every door and window, but I didn't see a soul. I felt like I was thrown into a scene from Resident Evil or 28 Days Later...but without the cool weapons. Dammit! I looked back towards my jerk of a car, and I saw red and blue lights. Eek! Copper! I ran as hard as I ever had back to my horse. From here, everything was cool (though she spent a good fifteen minutes lighting flares behind my car). She offered me a ride to Streets, but said I had to ride in the back. It rocked! I felt like such a badass and all the people in the cars were staring at me wondering what I did to get cooped up in the back of a police car- oh the faces I got! Too bad the ride didn't last longer. I gave her a free-drink coupon to Jamba Juice as gratitude, she gave me her number, and everything was cool. I think its odd that more can happen to you in an hour than in the whole day. But for only an hour, it was good fun!

Distorted Liquid Sucking Machines! 10th february 2005  |  posted by tomiboy at 12:06 pm.

In my journey of this week's
Photofriday challenge, "Distortion", I've found myself at a complete loss. I've taken photos of everything I've seen distorted- from spoons to water to curved glass to weird wall paper to weird lights to odd angles to strange people to blurring cars as they pass by to using photoshop to do it to....well, you get the fricken picture. All of them seemed unoriginal though. I try to avoid looking at other people's pictures until I've entered in mine, just because I want to think of my own ideas. Buuut due to my dilemma, I snuck in a peek or two and found that everyone took pictures of exactly what I just listed. I'm not saying that any of them are BAD, because 1) that really isn't what Photo Friday is about, and 2) most of them are really cool. But they are kind of...redundant after a while, and because of this reason, my inner cockiness forced me to take every image I took this week and throw them into a folder deep within my computers corridors, never to be viewed until next week. The only other distorted thing I could think of were the crazy straws, so I went to Party City and became a child again. The photo reminds me of something a kid would get thrills out of. The world through the eyes of children is distorted, and because of that, it is a better place. But it's just a photo, nothing more, and that is why I like it.

  9th february 2005

Hit da Streets Foo! 8th february 2005  |  posted by tomiboy at 5:01 pm.

I get to work at Streets of Woodfield today!

That's a highlight for this week, for my store is awesome, but it gets REAL boring when all you do is close (the time where everyone wants coffee because they drive PAST us on their way home, but don't want to lose their spot in traffic so they just drool and get into car accidents (while WE all laugh at them and sip our lattes!)). This night, I can count on the very reliable teeny-bopper population to bring their asse- I mean selves, bring themSELVES to streets and waste their parents money on coffee. It's busy, it's crowded, people are more friendly, and I get to work with the Holly and other awesome people (who I've probably never met before- but that doesn't matter, for I will FORCE them to be cool). Wish the Tomi luck!

  7th february 2005

Holding Back, Falling Behind. 6th february 2005  |  posted by tomiboy at 8:44 pm.

You never truely know a person until you've known them intimatley.
A person can't be him or her self if there is lingering fear or awkwardness or hope in the relationship.

  5th february 2005

The Sendings... 4th february 2005  |  posted by tomiboy at 7:15 pm.

Please give your condolences to Shane and Eman. The loss of a loved one is harder than a stale diamond, and both of them need their friends more than ever.

Shane, all you need to know is that he loved you. At times it might have seemed like he was only thinking of himself, but he loved you to the end and only wanted to do what he thought was right. You knew that, but it helps to hear it again. Eman, don't give up hope! Remember the miraculous recovery of your dime-sized egg in a country-sized city- there is always hope. In case it doesn't return to you, your cat has moved on to its 10th life, in pet heaven. Our cats will meet each other there, become best of friends, and wait for the day we can join them (hopefully not too soon). Until then, they will eat caviar, read poetry to each other, and make good use of the free electric-massage-chairs they have up there. I know that its hard for you two- but whenever you find yourself thinking of them again, think of all the funny moments you had with them, and think of how happy they both are now.
They are free.

So have a popsicle and try to cheer up, ok?

Illustration Friday Day (Today Day). 3rd february 2005  |  posted by tomiboy at 2:28 pm.

I now partake in and If you ever need anything to do on your free time- definitely do one or both of these- it's now the highlight of my week. This weeks Illustration topic was friendship, so Tomiboy, being the powerful world leader I am, formed a pact with the animal species. Together, we take over the world! Bwahaha!! Or maybe just some small website in Pakistan, which would still be cool.

(ps: why I drew me with blonde hair is beyond me.)

May God Help Us All. 2nd february 2005  |  posted by tomiboy at 9:55 am.

My brother is 16 today. I recall writing an entry on the day my sister turned 16. I also recall everyone emailing me and asking which roads they shouldn't take anymore. Well not to worry my clans! My brother lives in Long Grove, which is the somewhat proper name for "Boo Foo", or as I like to call it, "Fiji" (whatever THAT is...) Though he seems like the type of person who would get into car accidents as often as he has Diet Coke, he is perty derned good. But I'm sure THAT will fade now that he can drive alone...ah well. All I'm gonna say are two things:

1) It's not MY car
2) It's not MY town
3) and it's NOT my car.

With those in mind, happy birthday!

New Month, New Design. 1st february 2005  |  posted by tomiboy at 11:30 am.

February  |  flower: primrose  |  birthstone: amethyst  |

Well, all I have to say is I got sick of the last one. I was going to make Kaleidgraphy a photo-text combination, but I decided that this would be the better place, since everyone comes here anyways. And yes, you guessed it, with this drastic decision come more delays with Kaliedgraphy because I have to re-do THAT now too. Stupid brain...

Anywho, you'll start seeing photo's I think goes with the mood of the day, in addition to the humorous, witty, and punctuation-perfect texts of the tomi. Whoo hoo!

And happy birthday to my step-monster! She is now 23 years old.

On a side note, January is temporarily down. It will be up this week, as should all of last year's entries. Happy trucking!